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access control

please review the access control policyView PDF »

university keys can be requested by calling facility services administrative office at 660.562.1183.

important reminders

  • a key/fob request must be approved in writing by the appropriate dean, designated director or northwest leadership team member.
  • person(s) receiving keys or fob must pick up and sign for keys/fob in the facility services service response center.
  • only one key is allowed per person per area.
  • keys/fob are not to be loaned to anyone.
  • upon retirement, resignation, termination or transfer of an employee, all keys/fob must be returned to the facility services office before a final paycheck will be issued.

lost or stolen keys/fob

  • any costs incurred due to lost or stolen keys/fob will be charged to the responsible person who lost the keys/fob. this includes replacement cost of keys/fob and re-coring of locks.
  • lost or stolen keys/fob should be reported to university police (x. 1254), within 24 hours of realizing the keys/fob are lost.
  • broken or worn keys/fob must be returned to facility services prior to the issuance of a replacement keys/fob.

found keys

  • when university keys/fob are found anywhere on campus please call 660.562.1183 immediately so they can be identified.