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june 7, 2015

national competition places northwest in top 10 for energy reduction

by nikeila jensen, media relations assistant

northwest missouri state university, which continues to strive for energy efficiency and conservation, is ranked among the top 10 universities in the nation, according to results of the 2015 campus conservation nationals, marking the second time in three years that the university has earned the distinction.

“campus conservation nationals shows how college students are pioneering efforts to create a more sustainable future, starting with their campuses,” said hannah debelius, the students program lead at the center for green schools at the u.s. green building council, which partners with lucid, the alliance to save energy and the national wildlife federation to organize the contest. “these students demonstrate the importance of making small daily changes to save energy and water. the results are remarkable, and every student and institution that participated should be proud of this accomplishment.”

northwest saved 65,706 kilowatt-hours, averted 123,593 pounds of carbon dioxide and saved $3,942 during the four-week competition. that is the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from nine passenger vehicles, co2 emissions from 5,089 gallons of gasoline and co2 emissions from electricity use in four homes for a year. the totals are based on the energy-savings of northwest residence halls hudson-perrin, dieterich, franken, millikan, south complex, roberta and tower suites.

in conjunction with campus conservation nationals, northwest residence halls also competed in a campus-sponsored contest, “flip the switch reduce your pawprint,” to win funding toward new equipment for their buildings. that contest resulted in savings of $3,942 and 65,706 kilowatt-hours of electricity with a greenhouse gas avoidance equal to burning 48,866 pounds of coal. hudson-perrin, the reigning champion for the past three years, won the campus competition by reducing its energy usage by 31 percent.

through contests and throughout the academic year, northwest encourages its residents to take energy-reducing actions as simple as closing windows tightly, disconnecting plugs to electronics and appliances when they’re not in use, and shutting off lights when leaving rooms.

“it’s important for students to recognize that they can have a positive impact on their environment by doing something as simple as flipping a switch and making a conscious effort to conserve,” northwest energy manager daniel boyt said.

now in its fifth year, the 2015 campus conservation nationals competition involved 125 colleges and universities and saved the schools more than $290,000 in electricity and water while reducing greenhouse gas emissions equal to taking 182 homes off the grid for a year. during five years of the competition, participants have saved 6 million kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to averting more than 9 million pounds of co2 from the atmosphere.

california state university-chico, concordia college in moorhead, minn., dickinson college in carlisle, pa., eastern mennonite university in harrisonburg, va., georgia state university, hofstra university in hempstead, n.y., oklahoma state university, san diego state university and western technical college in la crosse, wis., rounded out the top 10 institutions in the campus conservation nationals.

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about northwest sustainability programs

northwest’s sustainability efforts date back to 1982 when the university established a biomass energy system utilizing wood chips. since then, northwest continues to enhance its energy program through the addition of discarded paper products and animal waste to its alternative fuel processes while collecting food waste for composting.

since establishing an energy management program in 2012, northwest has saved more than $1.6 million in utilities, and avoided about 24.4 million pounds of co2. in 2011, northwest also created its sustainability office to reduce negative impacts on the environment and educate students about ways they can contribute.  

in february, for the third time in four years, northwest received the missouri state recycling program annual award in recognition of its recycling and sustainability efforts. during the spring trimester, northwest also participated in recyclemania – a nationwide contest to increase student engagement in recycling and waste reduction – and recycled 109,225 pounds of materials to rank second in missouri and 51st in the nation among 394 participating institutions.

most recently, northwest facility services and student organizations, in collaboration with the city of maryville, organized big green move out, an annual effort encouraging students to donate clothes, foods, furniture and appliances to reduce the amount of waste that goes to local landfills. this year’s push sent four box trucks of furniture to habitat for humanity’s restore, 600 pounds of food to the maryville ministry center, and nearly 3,000 pounds of clothing and household goods to big brothers big sister of nodaway county.

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