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textbook and syllabus

dual credit courses must duplicate the identical course offering delivered on campus. the high school must agree to use a syllabus and textbook approved by the academic department at northwest.

full-time northwest instructors will work cooperatively with the dual credit instructor to develop and approve the syllabi, teaching methodology and student assessment strategies for dual credit courses. northwest will provide textbooks for all students who are enrolled for credit through northwest for dual credit courses. tuition fees include incidental tuition, textbook fee and the technology fee.

textbook policy

textbooks are provided to dual credit students. no additional fees are charged for textbook use beyond the regular dual credit tuition rate. schools must return unused books to the university in order to prevent a rental charge of $36 per year for a 3 credit hour course. textbooks unused during the fall semester need to be returned by mid-october, while unused textbooks in the spring semester should be returned by mid-february. high school dual credit coordinators/counselors need to make arrangements with the textbook services office to pick-up and return textbooks each semester.

textbook services
teri tobin, manager
northwest missouri state university
maryville, mo  64468
phone: 660.562.1150