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general information

who is eligible for dual credit?

our brochure just states "high school students." the following statement is found in the undergraduate academic catalog :

"to be eligible to enroll in an on-campus or off-campus course for college credit, juniors or seniors must have an act composite score of 21 or higher and have at least a 3.00 grade point average on a scale of 4.00 or a combined percentile index of 100 or higher and have at least a 3.00 grade point average on a scale of 4.00. in addition, placement exams and specific act sub-scores are required for select courses. freshmen and sophomores must score at the 90th percentile or above on the act or sat to be eligible to enroll. if dual enrollment is in a music activity, the student is also required to obtain the approval of the appropriate high school and university instructor."

there are additional requirements to qualify for individual courses that are listed in our dual credit brochure.

do dual credit instructors receive pay from northwest for teaching in their high school building?

yes, dual credit instructors teaching in their high school buildings receive a payment that will be based upon the student enrollments. stipends will range from $150 to $400.

where do dual credit students get their textbooks?

textbooks are provided to dual credit students. texts unused during the fall semester need to be returned in october, while unused texts in the spring semester should be returned in february. please make arrangements with textbook services (660) 562-1150 to pick-up, and return textbooks each semester.

what qualifications must an instructor meet in order to offer dual credit courses through northwest missouri state university?

the missouri coordinating board of higher education requires dual credit instructors to have a minimum of a master's degree that includes substantial study (a minimum of 18 graduate-level semester hours) appropriate to the academic field in which they are teaching. approval of specific courses and respective dual credit instructor will be based upon credentials and recommendation of the appropriate department chair/school director.

online courses

northwest missouri state university is proud to offer online dual credit courses.  here are a few frequently asked questions that may assist online dual credit students and high school counselors.

what courses are offered for online dual credit?

northwest offers online dual credit courses during the summer, fall and spring semesters.  some courses are available as academic year-long courses as well.  for current listings, please reference our course offerings page.

how do i attend the online dual credit course?

northwest missouri state university utilizes the online course system called northwest online.  once you have enrolled into the course, you will receive information to assist you in logging in to your online course.  the northwest online username is your northwest student email username.  the password for northwest online can be retrieved in our catpaws system under the personal information tab. 

who teaches the online courses?

these courses are taught by our adjunct faculty to high school students.  online dual credit students will be able to interact online with online college professors and other online dual credit students in their courses.

what is the cost for these online dual credit courses?

tuition is assessed on a per credit hour rate.  the current rate is $107 per credit hour.  some additional fees may apply for course specific software.  check the course offerings page for list of additional fees.

how do students register for these course?

students will need to work with their high school counselor to enroll in these courses.  the counselors will have the students complete the enrollment form, enclose official high school transcripts and letter of recommendation from a school administrator, and turn in to northwest for processing.  the student is responsible for contacting act to have original scores sent to northwest. 

when do online dual credit courses begin and end?

fall and spring online dual credit courses run with the regular northwest semester system.  summer online dual credit courses will run during the university's second and third summer sessions.  for specific dates of a term, please visit the registrar’s office calendar.

how do i get a textbook for my online dual credit course?

fall and spring online dual credit students will work with their high school counselors to secure textbooks for the course.  textbooks are provided by northwest textbook services and checked out to the local high school for distribution.  summer online dual credit students will work directly with textbook services to retrieve a textbook.

what is the registration deadline for an online dual credit course?

we advise that students register for the online course at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of class.  this will give northwest enough time to complete all enrollment processes and get the student adequate log in information and a textbook for the first day of the course. 

where can i find additional information on technology assistance and the many university resources available to online dual credit students?

we invite you to visit our new student orientation page for guidance on how to log in to many of northwest systems.