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          Private Education 贷款

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          Similarities to Federal 贷款:

          1. Many have the same academic progress requirements as the federal loans.
          2. No payment on principle is required until six months after you graduate or drop below half-time attendance.

          Differences from Federal 贷款:

          1. All of these loans require a credit check. Most offer different interest rates based on the borrower (co-borrower) credit worthiness.
          2. Interest rates can be variable or fixed. Most are adjusted quarterly with no cap.
          3. These loans cannot be consolidated with your direct loan for repayment and will require a separate payment to the lender.
          4. These loans may be available to international students who have a credit worthy co-borrower who is a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.

          Please be aware that due to increased consumer protection requirements, 你应该允许 最低限度 of 3-4 weeks processing time 这些贷款。

          Northwest Missouri State University nor any of it's employees receive any type of remuneration from any lender.


          After you choose a lender, follow the steps below to complete the loan process:

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          2. After receiving credit approval, print the application/promissory note, sign, date and send to your lender or sign and date electronically.
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        • 注意: Northwest adheres to the following 行为守则 View PDF to govern its relationships with private lenders in the student loan industry.

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