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          Registering for classes for fall 1987 still involved standing in long lines, but the pull-card system of past decades was gone. In 1991, students started the online self-enrollment process.Beginning in 1987, every residence hall room was equipped with a terminal networked to a common server that provided access to an online library catalog, word processing and email.Dr. David Bahnemann, a Math/Computer Science professor, teaches one of the first classes for students desiring a Computer Science degree at Northwest.President B.D.欧文斯 and Provost George English serve barbecue during Freshman Advantage to new students and their parents.President Owens talks with student theater majors on the stage at the Charles Johnson Theater in the Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building.Bearcat basketball always drew large crowds  to Lamkin Gym.  Starting in 1993, Bearcat basketball was held in Bearcat Arena.The Reverend Jesse Jackson visited campus on March 15, 1995 as part of Northwest's 尊贵系列讲座. Students listen to Professor Dr. William Fleming in one of the lecture rooms in Colden Hall during the 1970s.With the addition of a Computer Science degree, Northwest attracted students interested in computing and information technology.  One of the first programming classes was taught by Dr. Gary McDonald. McDonald is shown helping students in his class.Students enjoy a picnic during Northwest's Freshman Advantage Week. The Fitness Center in Lamkin Gym was a popular place for Nortwest athletes during the mid-1980s.  The Fitness Center is still popular today and all students have access to the area, as well as the Recreational Center built in the late 1990s.Celebrated poet, artist, best-selling author, playwright, actress, Civil Rights activist and historian, Maya Angelou, visited Northwest on Dec. 4, 1995.  Angelou spoke to a packed audience at the Mary Linn Performing Arts Center (now the Ron Houston Performing Arts Center) as part of Northwest's 尊贵系列讲座.Nobel Peace Prize Winner and former President of South Africa, F.W. DeKlerk, visited Northwest on Oct. 5, 2006, to give a speech as part of Northwest's 尊贵系列讲座.  DeKlerk is accredited with ending apartheid in South Africa and releasing Nelson Mandela.  Mandela was also a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and rose from political prisoner to President of South Africa following the dissolution of apartheid.Northwest student organizations produced elaborate floats like the Wizard of ID for the 1973 归国 ParadeThe Pink Panther visited his friend 波比熊猫 during the 1973 归国 Parade at Northwest.  The Pink Panther was a series of comedy films featuring the bumbling French police detective Jacques Clouseau that began in 1963 with the release of the film of the same name. The Northwest High Rise Complex Queen rides in a convertible during the 1973 归国 Parade.A group of Northwest sorority sisters ride on a Maryville fire truck during the 1973 归国 Parade to show their school spirit.Students work on a Homecoming Float during the 1987 Northwest 归国 Parade.  Hundreds of sorority sisters and fraternity brothers prepared lavish floats made of tissue paper and chicken wire to represent favorite cartoon characters.The Peanuts Gang with Snoopy sitting on top of his dog house was just one of the many cartoon-inspired floats that rolled down College Avenue during the 1987 Northwest 归国 Parade.Sesame Street comes to College Avenue during the 1987 Northwest 归国 Parade.The International Student Organization, in cooperation with the 信息技术 department joined together to showcase how the Electronic Campus connected Bearcats around the World during the 2007 Northwest 归国 Parade.The theme of the 2007 归国 Parade was The Northwest Cheerleaders show their spirit and encourage the crowd to show their Bearcat pride during the 2007 Northwest 归国 Parade.The Northwest Marching Band strut their musical stuff during the 2007 Northwest 归国 Parade.


          介绍了学生评议塔服务奖于1987年的服务,并在1998年承诺,现推出优质产品奖。西北行政总裁的领导下 院长哈伯德,打响了4西北密苏里质量奖凭借其质量计划的机构承诺。学生运动员胜利在很多体育运动,尤其是足球。熊猫足球锦标赛锯赢得1998年和1999年。


          登记类成了网上报名的到来更容易,先用星和webstar,然后用catpaws。苏雅成立于上世纪90年代末,以帮助首次大一学生之前的课程开始适应校园。 SOAR(夏季迎新活动担任顾问和登记)允许进入的学生和家长花费在校园里有一天一飞冲天领导人访问(当前学生西北利益类似于股谁是他们自己的)。在飙升,家长和新生与指导老师见面,注册第一学期的课程,并有机会参观了宿舍。在2008年,所有全日制在校生获得西北无线笔记本电脑软件为电子校园的一部分标准化大学正在进行的倡议,以使无处不在的技术在校园里。

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