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          Hundreds of alumni, with the help of the 澳门赌场app基础, helped to secure a permanent home for alumni activities and services, now known as the 校友屋. The historic home, which exudes a warm welcome to all Northwest alumni, was purchased from the Townsend family in 1980, and is located on College Avenue across from the main entrance to the campus and the 憔悴的房子.The Colden Pond Pavilion (also known as the Water Pavilion), which was built in 1999 with the help of the 澳门赌场app基础, is prominently located along the bank of 科尔登池塘.  The Pavilion was designed to remind the Northwest community of their responsibility to put aside hate speech and violence toward others simply because they might be different.The Kissing Bridge stands near Colden Hall.  According to tradition, it is said that a female student isn't officially a co-ed until she has been kissed on the bridge before the first snowfall.The Kissing Bridge received a makeover and a new location in the late 1990s when it was rebuilt closer to Colden Hall.Man-made streams that drain into 科尔登池塘 and a water feature with rustic pump and bucket were added to enhance the Kissing Bridge and its surroundings.



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