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          In 1926, Northwest's mascot looked more like a bear than a bearcat.In 1939, 波比熊猫 looked a lot like the classic cartoon character Felix the Cat.波比熊猫 looked like a sleek and realistic panther during the 1947 归国 Parade.In a newspaper drawing in 1948, Bobby looked like a warm and fuzzy house cat with a beaver-like tail.By 1951, Bobby had taken on a decidedly playboy like persona and his appearance resembled the cat from the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons.By 1959, Bobby was being shown in athletic gear such as a basketball uniform.A fierce-looking, tiger-like Bobby was sported on 1959 basketball jerseys and football jackets.Bobby was depicted in the 1959 Tower Yearbook as a curious, cartoon feline.  Once again, his appearance resembled the cat from the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons.A studious Bobby also appears in the 1959 Tower Yearbook wearing blue jeans and jacket.Bobby appears in a 1960 newspaper article wearing overalls and carrying builder plans and a slide ruler.  His appearance is very much cartoon and domestic cat-like.波比熊猫 received an official makeover in 1977.Bonnie Carlisle, the wife of Northwest's Director of Placement Services, was charged with creating Bobby's new image by Northwest's Sports Information Director, Mike Kiser.After Bobby's office makeover, his appearance was cartoon-like and playfully kittenish.Bobby met and married Betty Bearkitten in 1977.The cute, kittenish and very athletic Betty Bearcat wears a Northwest women's basketball uniform.Betty dribbles a basketball as a member of Northwest's winning women's basketball team.Betty loved sports, participating not only in basketball, but in Northwest gymnastics as well.Betty Bearcat was also a member of Northwest's 1977 women's softball team.Bobby helps with school spirit during a 1977 football game, urging the crowd to cheer for the Bearcats.Bobby welcomes new students to Northwest outside the J.W.琼斯 学生会.  Bobby's appearance was fuzzy and almost teddy-bear-like.波比熊猫 hugs some children during the 1977 归国 Parade. Bobby's appearance became less fuzzy and teddy-bear-like in the 1980s.  Bobby also began wearing athletic apparel.Bobby helps promote school spirit at a Northwest basketball game in 1987.  Bobby sometimes went shirtless between 1986 and 1987.波比熊猫 demonstrates his athletic process at a 1988 football game.Bobby officially received a new look in 1989 and this new Bobby became an official logo.  Bobby is muscular and tough-looking even without pants.A variation of the official Bobby sported fierce claws and dragon-like wings.波比熊猫 the Mascot gets a new, fiercer yet more refined appearance in the 1990s.  He also begins wearing his Northwest 00 jersey.Bobby stands confidently wearing his 00 jersey in a 西北密苏里 article.Bobby waves a Bearcat flag during a Football game.  Bobby wears overalls over his classic 00 jersey.During Northwest Day at the Missouri Legislature in Jefferson City in 2004, President Dean Hubbard consults his notes as 波比熊猫 looks on.By the year 2000, 波比熊猫 had evolved into a friendly, but fierce and muscular mascot wearing a full Northwest football uniform.  In fact, following the back-to-back Bearcat Football National Championship wins (1998-1999), Bobby was rarely seen out of a football uniform.  The picture shown is of a variation of the more athletic Bobby look, ca. 2007.Bobby waves his official Bearcat flag during half-time at the 2007 归国 football game in 熊猫体育场.Bobby runs down Mel Tjeerdsma Field waving his flag to a cheering crowd of spectators during the 2007 归国 Football Game.Bobby inspires the crowd during the 2007 归国 game wearing his official 00 football uniform.Bobby greets a future Bearcat during the 2007 归国 Football Game in 熊猫体育场.Bobby rides on a fire truck during the 2007 Northwest 归国 Parade.  Jake Phillips was Bobby from 2003 to 2006 and Bryan Williams was Bobby in the parades from 2008 to 2009.Bobby welcomes a new president to 澳门赌场app.  Dr. 约翰·贾辛斯基 took leadership of the university in 2009.




          中期到70年代末,会见贝蒂波比“罗伯塔” bearkitten并娶了她,使她贝蒂熊猫。在20世纪80年代,芭比收到了改造与毛茸茸的服装,更令人喜爱的黄色制成人造毛皮的。在90年代末,同时还鲍比儿童友好的,也从来没有激烈的成为了他的正式橄榄球或篮球,统一西北出来。

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