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          Violet Pauline Smith Biffle, on the right, with Mary Summers in front of the 管理 Building.  Pauline was one of many young women to receive a teaching certificate from Northwest in 1929.Track meets were held near the 管理 Building to large crowds of attendees.  (Donated by David Duvall.)The 1931-1932 MIAA Champion Basketball Team poses outside the first gymnasium (now Martindale Hall) with their coach Henry Iba.The Northwest PEP Club poses for a group picture.  Phil Colbert, son of the Dean of Faculty George Colbert, was the head cheerleader.Students enjoy a Walk-Out Day picnic.  The First Walk-Out Day took place on Oct. 22, 1914 and became an annual tradition.The Hickory Stick game between Northwest's State Teachers College and Truman State University began in 1931 with a Bearcat 7-0 victory against the Bulldogs. The Old Hickory Stick game between Northwest and Truman has the distinction of being the oldest continuing trophy game in Division II college football.Charles Curtis, vice-president under Herbert Hoover visited Northwest to lecture about farm problems on October 4, 1932. Born January 25, 1860, in North 最佳eka, Kansas, Curtis was the first Native American Kansan to serve as vice-president.The 1939 graduating class of the Teachers College wanted to present the school with a painting by renowned artist, Thomas Hart Benton.  Due to the depression, the class was unable to acquire the financing to purchase his work.  In a generous act of kindness, Thomas H. Benton arrived a Northwest to gift the school with a lithograph titled "Cradling Wheat."The famous Von Trapp Family depicted in the classic Disney musical The President UEL拉姆金 was able to get the Navy V-12 and V-5 training programs at Northwest.  Northwest 1945 graduate and computing pioneer, Jean Jennings Bartik, stands outside her Maryville residence on 4th Street chatting with one of the men in the Navy V-12 program.


          在正规的学校里,希腊社会已经在1914年禁止通过校董会。然而,学校的名称变更培育新的姿态,在1926年,总统UEL W的领导下。拉姆金,董事会撤销其先前的法令。在1927年,西格玛西格玛西格玛适马头伽玛姐妹会和兄弟会被安装。经过20世纪30年代和40年代,希腊这两个群体,阿尔法西格玛阿尔法以及(成立于1928年)和Sigma披小量(成立于1938年),由西北希腊社区。


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