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          Student Herschel Neil competed in the Olympic Trials for the Summer Olympics in 1936.  Herschel is pictured in the Olympic Stadium in Germany, prior to World War II.  Berlin won the bid to host the Games over Barcelona, Spain in 1931.Neil, who competed against Jesse Owens during the Olympic Trials, traveled with the Olympic Team by cruise ship to Germany.Adolf Hitler allowed only members of the Aryan race to compete for Germany, promoting his ideological belief of racial supremacy. While the Olympics were underway, the Nazi Party removed signs stating The Olympic Flame was used for the second time for the 1936 games.  However, it was the first time that the Olympic flame was  brought to the Olympic Village by a torch relay starting in Olympia, Greece.While the Olympic Torch burned brightly in Berlin, all Romani (gypsies) were rounded up by the Nazi Party and sent to a special camp in an attempt to "clean up" Berlin.The Berlin Olympics was the first to have live television coverage.Despite a national record in the high jump, German-born Gretel Bergmann was not allowed to compete in the Olympics because she was Jewish.  Bergmann would later immigrate to the United States.Neil praised Jesse Owens as an "outstanding athlete" and Owens similarly respected Neil. Owens said he was the "better jumper that day," referring to the Triple Jump competition held during the Olympic Trials in New York City. That day--being the Triple Jump competition during the Olympic Trials in New York City.  Neil would have won the event, if his 51-feet leap had not been disallowed.According to the Nazi Party, ethnic Africans were inferior and German "Aryans" were superior.  Owens put such propaganda to shame by winning four gold medals.Neil witnessed Owens' inspiring victories and was proud to see him win Gold for the United States.  Owens was the first American to win four Olympic gold medals in track and field.



          出生于士绅县,赫歇尔夺得五个单项密苏里州的高中州冠军,而在正佳高中Worth县。他的体育生涯中,赫歇尔是NCAA纪录保持者在三级跳远和有17个个人MIAA会议冠军。他还取得了八个校记录在出席西北和获得NCAA所有美国在1936年和1937年。此外,赫歇尔是两个时间AAU全国冠军。赫歇尔谁是成名的M-俱乐部大厅中的一员,入选名人堂的密苏里州体育馆于1972年尼尔在1961年去世的熊猫体育场轨道尼尔命名。成名入选的M-俱乐部大厅的完整列表,请点击 这里。 

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