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          Ryland的米尔纳, affectionately nicknamed "Taffy" because he loved eating the sweet treat, attended Northwest as a student and continued to work at Northwest upon his graduation.Milner was the ultimate Bearcat, quickly rising through the ranks from guard to captain of the basketball team by 1932.Milner is seated on the end of the front row (left) with his other Bearcat Basketball teammates.Milner was  captain of the Bearcat Football team between 1932 and 1933.Milner dreamed of becoming a head coach at Northwest.  He would realize that dream in 1937.Milner, seated in the center (front row), with his teammates was proud to be a part of Bearcat football.Milner was a guard for three years and was Second All MIAA.Milner poses for his Tower Yearbook photograph in 1931 wearing his Bearcat Basketball Uniform.Milner, who was originally from Oklahoma City, was a Physical Education major and a member of the M-Club Hall of Fame.Milner became head football coach and assistant basketball coach at Northwest between 1937 and 1957.The Bearcat Football team poses for a group picture.  Milner's coaching record at Northwest was 92 wins, 61 losses, and 13 ties.For two consecutive years under Milner's dynamic leadership, Bearcat Football achieved the MIAA conference championship (1938 and 1939).Milner became Northwest's Director of 竞技 in 1957.  The Ryland的米尔纳 Complex was named after Milner upon his death in 1999.Head football coach Milner grins at his assistant coach, Wilber "Sparky" Stalcup.  During the basketball season, the men switched roles, as Stalcup was head basketball coach and Milner was the assistant coach.Milner coached the Northwest football team before, during and after World War II. Milner (back row, third from left) poses with his team, which comprised members of the United States Navy during Northwest's Navy-12 officer training program years.

          1929年Ryland的“太妃糖”米尔纳和玛丽维尔抵在他的西北死亡每天存在直到1999年米尔纳同时是足球和篮球队之间的西北部1932-1933的队长。我成了头足球教练和助理篮球教练在西北从1937年到1957年在西北密苏里州立他的澳门赌场执教战绩为92胜61负,和13间的关系。 1957年至1975年,我被晋升为体育总监。弗雷德写了一本传记亲爱的海域称为教练:这个故事米尔纳Ryland的关于西北传奇。这一天,继续引用校友西北米尔纳的鼓舞和那句名言:“一次,熊猫,总是有熊猫!

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