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          科尔登池塘 was the inspiration of Northwest President UEL拉姆金.Colden Pond was not always known as 科尔登池塘.  It was originally called Lamkin Lake.科尔登池塘 was also once known as Lamkin's Folly.科尔登池塘, or Lamkin's Folly, originally could not retain water and kept drying up.Men in town made life miserable for President Lamkin as they poked fun at his "folly" and his "waterless lake."Lamkin launched an investigation to find out why the pond would not retain water.The investigation uncovered the fact that the land had been drainage-tiled by Thomas Gaunt when the land had been a plant nursery.Lamkin had the problem with the drainage tiles fixed and the pond soon filled with water and kept its water.科尔登池塘 was later stocked with fish and has become a lovely oasis for those wishing to study outside, fish or enjoy the view.

          科尔登池塘不是号称科尔登总是池塘。它最初被称为总统后拉姆金西北湖 UEL拉姆金曾带领1921年至1945年西北,世卫组织的启发,构建水功能。池塘因为不会保持水分迅速出名为拉姆金的愚蠢在初期ITS。问题得到解决后,池塘鱼类放养,并成为校园社区愉快的绿洲。在2000年,进行了翻新科尔登池扩大和深化它创造鱼类,防止藻类生长的一个更好的环境。许多感叹清除池塘周围的大垂柳由于膨胀。

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