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          A Bronze 1948的钟声 was a gift from the Class of 1948 to honor the fallen soldiers who fought in World War II.The first president to ring the bell was 约翰·威廉·琼斯,谁是西北的总裁1945年至1964年。The 1948的钟声 was rung to announce the start of classes in 1949 and became a tradition for many years.The 1948的钟声 was rung to announce campus special events and celebrations such as athletic contests and victories, major entertainers and Walk-Out Day.

          类在1948年所有的二战士兵的荣誉与纪念铜钟西北优谁对谁西北出席或谁曾住在西北密苏里那些阵亡士兵作战,二战期间死亡,其中特别强调。多年来,铜钟已经预示西北成就和庆祝活动,并悲伤地插话兑现各种地方,州和全国人民的传递。铜钟靠近雄伟的钟楼,是视线的行政大楼的直线。第一总统鸣钟是 约翰·威廉·琼斯,谁是西北的总裁1945年至1964年。

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