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          President John W. Jones was the first president to have a Ph.D. He guided the school from 1945 to 1964.  The 学生会 was later named after President J.W.琼斯.By 1965, the 学生会 building featured a ballroom on the third floor and a bookstore on the second floor.A bowling alley was constructed in the Union in 1966 and was a very popular recreational sport with students until the 1980s.  The bowling alley was removed during the renovations during the 1980s.The Bearcat Den was a popular place for students to hang-out from the 1960s to the 1980s.Prior to the 学生会 renovation in 1999, the west side of the Union featured a mosaic of mascot 波比熊猫.  The 13-foot tile mosaic was installed in 1966 and was designed by Roderick Carroll.In 1999, the J.W.琼斯 学生会 underwent extensive renovations to its interior and exterior.The renovation of the 学生会 in 1999 dramatically changed the face of the west side of the building, adding an outdoor patio and a wall of windows to allow more natural sunlight into the building.Parents leave the 学生会 after dining during SOAR days.

          西北的学生会被建立为学生提供社交,餐饮和娱乐中心。工会,总统名字命名 J.W.琼斯,提供广泛的服务阵列,如会议场所,食品和餐饮,书店和娱乐机会,包括保龄球馆。工会内部的一切都被设计得学生尽可能友好与和校外学生带来共同的目标。学生会将继续体现在未来几十年这一使命的建筑改变,以适应不断变化的学生和校园的需求。

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