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          Built during the Teachers School years, the Women's Residence Hall was the only dormitory for women on campus.  Several women chat outside the front entrance of the residence hall several days prior to a tragedy that would result in the death of a student and eventually lead to the renaming of the hall to honor the student. Student 罗伯塔钢 died due to injuries sustained during an explosion on Nov. 29, 1952.  She was 20 years old.Women's Residence Hall on fire after explosion, which caused the death of 罗伯塔钢.  April 28, 1951.The force of the explosion hurtled the tank back to the Wabash Railroad tracks behind the hall.Four women were critically injured in the blast, one of which was 罗伯塔钢.Officials survey the damage to the Women's Residence Hall after the blast.The interior of the Women's Residence Hall sustained major damage on multiple floors.A portion of the third floor was all but destroyed following the explosion and fire.Telegram announcing 罗伯塔's death, the name Steel is misspelled on the form.



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