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          An aerial view of the Northwest campus from the north side in 1960, featuring the new gymnasium, Colden Hall, new residence halls and veterans' housing.Lamkin Gymnasium named after President UEL拉姆金 was built in 1959 to accommodate the growing demands of athletic activities.Memorial Stadium was renamed Rickenbrode Stadium after William A. Rickenbrode, the registrar, secretary to the 试剂的板 and avid football fan.Farming and agriculture has always played an important role at Northwest.  The University Farm was established in 1905 and still plays an important role in Northwest's agricultural endeavors.  During the 1960s, Northwest's farm operations expanded to include a poultry plant, a hog operation, a dairy herd, a 500-acre farm, a beef herd and a small flock of sheep.The statue of Abraham Lincoln in the 管理 Building was shot on May 17, 1958.  According to official reports, a guard was patrolling the halls when he saw someone moving toward him.  He told the "person" not to move, but the "person" ignored his warning and the guard was forced to fire his weapon. After this incident, campus security was banned from carrying firearms until 2000.President Bob Foster views antique farming equipment once used on campus at the Northwest Farm.The Women's Residence Hall, which was built during the Teachers College years, was a home away from home for female students living on campus.  The Women's Residence Hall would be the site of a Northwest tragedy during the State College Years.



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