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          博士。 B. D.欧文斯,1977-1984

          Dr. B.D.欧文斯 became Northwest's president in 1977. Dr. Owens laid-out the groundwork and commissioned the designs for future expansion of the Northwest campus, which included the construction of the Mary Linn Performing Arts Center (now the Ron Houston Center of Performing Arts). Due to his reorganization of the university, including combining departments, Dr. Owens helped Northwest become more efficient and fiscally sound.Dr. Owens tours the Administration Building with Governor Joe Teasdale two days after the fire that nearly destroyed the historic facility in 1979.  Dr. Owens ably led Northwest through one of its worst disasters with enthusiasm and determination.  Under his leadership, the 管理 Building was quickly restored to its former glory.  The university library was named in his honor when he retired in 1984.




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