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          博士。 J.W.琼斯,1945年至1964年

          Dr.  J.W.琼斯 became president in 1945. During Jones's administration, Northwest left behind the designation of teacher's college in 1949 and became a four-year state college with concentrations outside the field of teacher training.  Dr. Jones was the first Northwest president to hold a Ph.D. while in office.Dr. Jones led Northwest in getting the ROTC program on campus. The armory was built as a result of this program, now the Jon T. Rickman Electronic Campus Support Center. President Harry S. Truman dedicated the armory.After Dr. Jones retired in 1964, he still retained an office on campus to help the new president, Dr. 罗伯特页。培育, get acclimated to the presidential office and its many duties. Years earlier, President Lamkin had extended the same courtesy to Dr. Jones, and Lamkin was continuing the tradition.Dr. Jones originally built the Mabel Cook Home Management House (now Mabel Cook 招生 and Visitors' Center) as his retirement home. However, the State informed him that he could not put a private residence on public land. Dr. Jones donated the building to Northwest and moved off campus.




          超越砖头,琼斯 - 有史以来学者 - 被确定为学术改善西北。除了帮助创建第一个管理手册,提高教师工资,他改组教师到部门,并帮助引进西北首个研究生水平的课程,成立于1955年的其他成就包括教师军衔制和任期的机构。他的努力促成,在很大程度上,为西北增强使命,它被重新命名,1949年澳门赌场app。

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