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          Dr. 罗伯特页。培育 became president in 1964.  Dr. Foster originally worked on campus as the 注册员 and Director of 招生 at Northwest beginning from 1948 to 1959.  He then served as Northwest's Dean of 管理 from 1959 until his appointment as president.Dr. Robert Foster honors Coach Ryland的米尔纳 with an award. Milner became head coach of the Northwest football team in 1932.Dr. Robert Foster was a people person who was always willing to assist parents and students in times of difficulty.  Dr. Foster would often taken calls in the middle of the night because of this open-door policy.  During his presidency, Dr. Foster secured $15 million dollars for capital improvements at Northwest and he oversaw the construction of Garrett-Strong Science Building and the Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building.Dr. Foster sits in his office in the 管理 Building.  Dr. Foster oversaw many expansions on campus, such as the high-rise residence halls.  The Memorial Bell Tower was also the brainchild of Dr. Foster, who wanted a lasting memorial to the men and women who had served in World War II.  Dr. Foster's 钟楼 efforts resulted in the formation of the 澳门赌场app基础.An avid golfer, Dr. Foster poses with his retirement gift at a dinner in his honor in 1977.  One of Dr. Foster's most significant achievements at Northwest was his leading role in securing funding for the establishment of KXCV/KRNW Radio, the University's 100,000-watt public radio station.  KXCV/KRNW Radio established the annual and much anticipated Robert Foster Golf Classic in his honor.Dr. Foster receives the Old Hickory Stick after the Northwest football team won it back from Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, MO.  Northwest had lost to the Bulldogs in a hard-fought game on November 19, 1968.  The return of the Old Hickory Stick to Northwest in 1969 was met with a great deal of celebration and the Old Hickory Stick has remained in Bearcat possession ever since.Dr. Foster passed away surrounded by family and friends on March 10, 2008 leaving behind a legacy of excellence and service to Northwest.  Dr. Foster married Virginia Mutz Foster in 1948 and they had two sons.  The 罗伯特页。培育 Aquatic Center was named in his honor in 1981.


          他多年在快速成长为标志的掌舵人是,并主持了许多项目资金包括高层房的建设,VALK的工艺美术大厦和加勒特 - 强大的数学和科学建设。还可以培养政府合作,将关于更名为澳门赌场app于1972年,投入了许多方案到位保持与该机构的使命扩大。


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