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          荷马·马丁恩·库克's presidency was marked by financial woes and controversy with faculty, local community members and the Board of Regents. The slow progress on the construction of the 管理 Building, combined with the withholding of faculty pay for several months due to lack of state funds, led to tensions and divisions that resulted in Cook being asked to resign by the 试剂的板 after serving only two years.President Cook's wife, Arrietta Morrill Cook, and daughter, Catherine, pose for a picture within the 憔悴的房子.  Cook's daughter is the only child known to have been born in the presidential residence.



          厨师退出在1909年夏天,但有一个争议他的辞职当起了作用。试剂柯比泰勒亨利董事会聘为学校的新领导者,但持续至一月中憔悴的房子住库克(官方总统官邸)。 1 1910年从本质上说,四月份之间的月期间。 1909年1月和1 1910年,西北ADH两位总统。

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