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          The cornerstone of the future 管理 Building (also known as Academic Hall) was laid on October 12, 1907.  The event was attended by a wide array of local politicians and almost the entire Maryville community.In spring 1906, the Northwest 试剂的板 called for plans for the construction of a main building for the Normal School initially called "Academic Hall." The architectural firm of J.H. Felt & Co. was hired to do the work.Construction workers hired by J.H. Felt & Co. take a break from their endeavors to pose for a picture on top of one of the 管理 Building's signature crown-like turrets.The powerful words "And The Truth Shall Make You Free" are carved into a lintel over the main entrance to the 管理 Building.  The words were chosen as the motto for the school by the first president of the Northwest 试剂的板, Charles Colden.  Colden Hall is named after the former Board member.On July 24, 1979, an electrical malfunction caused a fire that ravaged the 管理 Building.  Sixty percent of the campus's signature building was destroyed.  During the conflagration, faculty, staff and local community members rushed to save student records, furniture and electronic equipment such as the University's PDP1170 RSPS/E, which housed all student and administrative electronic information.Faculty, staff, and students at Northwest Normal, including the first graduating class, pose for a group picture in front of the 管理 Building in 1915.Staff and faculty at 澳门赌场app pose for a group picture in front of the 管理 Building in 2005 during the campus 百周年纪念 celebrations.




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          西北历史网上博物馆欠人情债博士的文学努力。贾尼丝布兰登 - 法尔科内。该材料对整个网站的显著部分来自于她的书, 过渡:百年西北历史。博士。布兰登 - 法尔科在人文和社会科学系教授。特别感谢扩展到博士。维吉尔和德洛利斯阿尔贝蒂尼,作者 塔在西北:澳门赌场app的历史,1956年至1980年,这也是用作网上博物馆的来源。

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