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          The Wabash Train Depot with the new Fifth District Normal School in the background. Maryville's two railroads helped provide a tangible inducement to the State Normal School Committee.The Burlington Train Station.  Passenger trains arrived 6 to 10 times a day in Maryville.Nodaway Valley Bank President, James Robinson, was instrumental in getting the State Normal School Committee to Maryville, along with James Todd, editor of the Nodaway Democrat, Joe Jackson, president of the First National Bank and Nathaniel Sisson, President of Sisson Land and Loan Company.Born in Ohio on September 20, 1842, Joe moved to Nodaway County in 1843.  He served in the 12th Missouri Cavalry under General Thomas.  Joe was part of the Maryville Committee to get the Normal School.James Todd was the Editor-in-Chief of the Nodaway Democrat and one of the ringleaders involved in getting the State Officials to select Maryville as the location for the Fifth District Normal School.  The cartoon shows a caricature of James Todd using a whip.James B. Robinson was the President of the Nodaway Valley Bank and one of several influential merchants who wanted the Normal School to be located in Maryville.Flier letting people know that the law for a State Normal School in Northwest Missouri had been approved.  The flier urges the community to support efforts to obtain the Normal School in Maryville.Listing of time tables for Maryville's two railroads, the Wabash and Burlington.



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