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missing alumni (1920-1939)

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dayle allen
edward anderson
dorothy (sandison) culver
kathryn (wieser) dougherty
john kane
a. m. langstadt
marguerite lowd

kenneth mitchell
ruth scott
frances shively
edra smith
ruth (strange) smith
hattie stanton

r. b. toulouse
robert tracy
elna walterdorf
a. j. whitters
mary (timmons) young
lela zeller

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katherine barber
jack besold
mary cozad
harold daniels
lloyd dowden

mary ellwood
veryl humphrey

elizabeth (crawford) lindsay
leonard martin
geraldine myers

dorthy (wort) phipps
robert phipps
joy (whitsell) sprague
madolyn (jackson) streeter
genevee terbell

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dorothy holland
buddy hughes 
glenn marion 

wilma merritt
josephine nash
florine (hubbard) short 

celia sutherland
marie wagner
edith wright

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