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          Student Organizations

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          Ag Ambassadors

          Sponsors: Rod Barr and Arley Larson
          Agronomy Club

          Membership in Agronomy Club is open to all students interested in crops and soils. The group sponsors speakers, field trips, and scholarships.

          Sponsor: Nigel Hoilett
          Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR)

          Sponsor: Arley Larson ATA / CFFA / PAS

          Sponsors: Rod Barr and Dean Hicks Block and Bridle

          Block and Bridle is the school's newest organization.

          赞助商:待定 Collegiate Farm Bureau

          The organization discusses agricultural issues of today, hosts guest speakers, and works with Farm Bureau Chapters on county, state, and national levels.

          Sponsor: Arley Larson Delta Tau Alpha (DTA)

          赞助商:待定 Horticulture Club

          502 Bad Gateway

          赞助商:待定 NAMA (Student National Agri-Marketing Association)

          This student group provides opportunities for agricultural business students to shadow a mentor, develop communication skills, and gain marketable job experience.

          赞助商:待定 西格玛阿尔法


          Sponsor: Kelsey Bowlin

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