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          Northwest's DEPARTMENT OF FINE AND PERFORMING ARTS provides an engaging and immersive environment for the preparation of professional artists, educators, scholars and entrepreneurs who become leaders in art, music and theatre in a diverse world culture. As a student in the Department, you receive closely monitored, profession-based experiences to ensure you are career ready, day one. The DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES is home to geography, history, law and government. The Department provides a broad, liberal education that encourages students to be adaptable and flexible in their professional pursuits while training students to be responsible citizens. Programs in the DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGE, LITERATURE AND WRITIING prepare students for meaningful lives as professionals in a global economy that demands innovative thinking, clear and effective writing and cultural literacy. Students and faculty form a close community of scholars who support each other's work and grow together in a rich and rigorous liberal arts curriculum. Students emerge able to express themselves creatively and professionally and to engage with ideas critically and practically. Students in the DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS recognize, represent and use patterns to creatively address problems in a variety of settings. At Northwest, students explore the beauty and utility of mathematics from a diverse faculty of highly qualified and nationally recognized mathematicians. Upon graduation, students compete successfully for jobs in business, industry and government or continue in graduate studies. Students in the DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL SCIENCES have experience working in a lab during their first year. Whether students are receiving personalized instruction, academic advisement, career counseling or mentoring, Northwest provides high-quality faculty with rigorous curriculums that ensure students are career ready. The SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES offers programs that use an interdisciplinary approach, enhance critical thinking and problem solving, work with usable and sustainable technologies and integrate theory and application through profession-based learning. It prepares career-ready individuals for today and tomorrow's agriculture, food and fiber industry. The Melvin D. and Valorie G. Booth SCHOOL OF BUSINESS guides and educates students to become critical thinkers and effective communicators prepared to thrive as ethical, socially responsible business and civic leaders in a diverse global environment. We are committed to creating and disseminating relevant theoretical and practical business knowledge that leads to student, faculty and community success. In the SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION AND MASS MEDIA, students get the opportunity to have hands-on, real-world experiences during their first year. They can be involved with the two radio stations, a television station, converged print and online newspaper, yearbook with DVD supplement, online arts and entertainment magazine or video and audio recording studios. Additionally, many students in this School participate in an internship by the time they graduate. The SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS is dedicated to the development of future leaders in the computing industry. Our graduates and interns are well regarded by employers in the region, including Fortune 500 companies in Kansas City, Omaha and Des Moines. The SCHOOL OF EDUCATION is a community that embraces collaboration and mutual respect among students, faculty and staff. Our mission is to prepare effective teachers and leaders who catalyze education excellence by preparing prekindergarten through grade 12 professional educators and leaders who apply best practices to positively impact learning. The SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCE AND WELLNESS' mission is to facilitate the development of key knowledge, skills and attitudes for students seeking careers in health and wellness-related fields. Professional areas of study available to students include health and wellness, recreation, physical education, foods and nutrition, psychology, human services, school counseling, sport and exercise psychology and a variety of medicine-related fields.

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