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june 1 1955: northwest enrolls its first students in graduate courses.
june 2 1925: a "24 hour rule" is instituted requiring all faculty members to remain in maryville for 24 hours after 4 p.m. on the last day of examinations each term or forfeit one half a month's salary.
june 4 1937: governor lloyd c. stark signs an appropriations bill for $250,000 for a new training school building.
june 4 1906: frank deerwester is selected as the first president of the normal school.
june 5 2011: scott bostwick, who was named the bearcat football team’s head coach in january, dies of a heart attack while mowing the lawn at his maryville home.
june 6 1917: the first degree class graduates, and for the first time, caps and gowns are worn at commencement.
june 6 1917: the first tower yearbook is published. the annual is named by dr. e.l. harrington of physics department.
june 6 1921: uel w. lamkin is elected president, effective sept. 1, 1921.
june 8 2010: northwest's center for innovation and entrepreneurship is recognized as the missouri winner of the southern growth policies board 2010 innovator award during the board’s annual conference in kentucky. 
june 9 1930: poet arthur guiterman visits the northwest campus.
june 9 2011: fans gather to honor head football coach scott bostwick during a celebration of life service at bearcat stadium. the program took on a game day atmosphere and included tributes to bostwick, who died of a heart attack four days earlier.
june 10 1929: the "24 hour rule" is revised to include the day before the opening of a term as well as the day after the close of a term, on which days faculty members must be in maryville or lose 10 percent of one month's salary for each day missed.
june 11 1906: the first student, eliza munn, is enrolled.
june 11 2004: northwest announces the american dream grant program, a needs-based financial aid initiative that assists undergraduates who might otherwise find a college education beyond their financial reach. students qualifying for the american dream grant meet all northwest admissions criteria and come from the neediest families based on their application for federal aid. northwest fills the gap between the cost of tuition, room and board, primary textbooks and the use of a computer for qualifying students so that the maximum payment the student will need to make during their first two years at northwest will be no more than $2,000 annually.
june 12 1984 ceremonies commemorated the completion of the restoration of the administration building with the installation of three copper ventilators on the roof of the west wing, which was destroyed in the july 24, 1979, fire.
june 13 1906: the first session of the fifth district normal school opens.
june 16 1905: a bill that creates the fifth district normal school becomes a law.
june 18 1926: the board of regents cancels its action forbidding fraternities and sororities on campus.
june 19 1937: president and mrs. uel lamkin, mr. and mrs. norval sayler and miss mary fisher sail for tokyo, japan, for the seventh world conference of the world federation of education associations, of which federation president lamkin is secretary-general.
june 19 1981: franken hall goes co-ed.
june 22 1906: specifications for academic hall (administration building) are adopted.
june 22 1921: a tourist camp is located in the north section of college park.
june 23 2011: adam dorrel, a former bearcat football player, graduate assistant and an assistant coach for the previous seven seasons, is named head football coach. dorrel becomes the 19th head coach in the program’s history and the third in six months after the retirement of mel tjeerdsma and the unexpected death of scott bostwick.
june 24 1919: war service scholarships are provided for veterans for six quarters.
june 29 1915: the coburn players stage "the yellow jacket," "the imaginary sick man" and "a midsummer night's dream" in front of the administration building.
june 30 2010: membership in the northwest alumni association reaches an all-time high with 6,737 members and 17 active alumni chapters.